One Sky One World International Kite Fly For Peace -- Sunday, October 8, 2017 -- Always the Second Sunday in October

Dear Ms. Parker-Ambrose,

The Minnesota Kite Society was blessed with beautiful weather for our OSOW Kite Fly for Peace. The event took place on Sunday, October 8th, 2000 at Commons Park in Fridley, Minnesota, USA. Although our attendance was a bit light this year we had a delightful afternoon of kite flying, kite demonstrations, candy drops and para-bear jumps.

I've enclosed the sign-in sheets for our event. Please add these names to your register of participants for the 15th annual One Sky One World International Kite Fly for Peace. We look forward to participating again next year in support of your wonderful mission.


Owen Grossman
OSOW Event Co-Chairperson
Minnesota Kite Society

The day was very cold and windy but we did not get rained on!!  We had 74 people participate.  I got to fly kites with my grand daughter.

Kathy Nixie
JOTS Kite Club
Fort Worth, Dallas Texas









Hi people,

Just to inform you that it looks like I've pretty much got all the results that I'm getting for this year - but don't let that stop you sending me any others that you know about!

Have a look at Feel free to use the info in mags/newsletters  - that's what I collected it for, and don't forget to give the site a plug;

Do all you can to ensure that I get even more venues and results for next year!

Best wishes & good flying,
Jim Cronin
United Kingdom

Hi Jane...

Cheers for sending me the new OSOW website addresses ~ I've been in contact with Jim Cronin for about a year now, so am familiar with his site... but didn't know about the Canadian one; have checked it out (great stuff!).

We had an excellent turnout (by far the best to date) at the Brighton Kite Flyers OSOW Day Fly-in, which was held at Devil's Dyke/East Sussex/UK.

Possibly because the weather dudes got it completely wrong (again!) and we had a surprisingly fine and sunny day... as opposed to their predicted torrential downpour with howling gales! #:-O) The results are ~ Kites flown: 106/Fliers: 35 (18 BKF members/17 others).

Keep up the good work and say 'Hi!' to Larry from me.


Toody Oakhill
Brighton Kite Flyers Editor & Committee Member

Kite fliers are outstanding in their field!

There were 7 of us on Beverley Westwood East Yorkshire flying for peace this year. We flew 13 kites between us, namely:- Sue & Eric Storey flew an 8ft delta (first up, last down) from 2pm to 4pm. A 6ft Gannet - own design, A scooped semicircle 4 line, a new design by Mattheau which he let us copy at Dieppe. A 6 ft Indonesian Dragonfly bought at Dieppe. Jerry & Carolyn Swift flew; an origional signed peace kite, two very large self made rocs . Eileen Dowman, 87 years old, flew a self made pocket kite. Liz Donaldson flew a similar pocket kite. Martin ? flew two trick kites. There were at least four other kites flying in other places on the Westwood as there usually are. It was a lovely sunny day with very light winds to start with so that only the delta and the pocket kite flew but eventually rose to about force 3 so a good time was had by all.

All the best Sue & Eric Storey

Dear Jane

We have joined to 15th One Sky One World event after a long interval. We had joined first time about ten years ago.

We flied big carp kite by handmade. I send photo by attached file.

Tateki Tanimoto
Baba-tyo 132
Japan  682-0914

I sit down not to have put myself before in contact with you but it has been impossible.

The data of the OSOW taken place in Spain:

Coinciding with the III festival of comets of Vitoria, organized by the Club Lau - Haizetara you celebrates the OSOW in the city of Vitoria (Spain). Participating partners of the following clubs:

Lau - Haizetara of Vitoria
Comevientos of Madrid
Milotxes of Valencia
Cabali˝os of La Coru˝a
A tomar viento of Valladolid

We send you pictures of the day of OSOW

To: Jane Parker-Ambrose

Well, about the kind of day we had:  it rained. But it was welcome rain after a very long dry spell.  We had also planned an ice-cream social, and well, it was cold, too.  Should have had chili flavored ice cream.

But enthusiasm was good, some of the kites have disappeared, and tonight someone asked if I was going to re-schedule the fly.  I don't think so, this month is already full up, and we're getting into the religious season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe a kite-fly next spring. We had one the day before Easter as part of the egg hunt) and then another shot at OSOW next fall.

Would like to hear the world-wide report, though, as a way of emphasizing the slogan I made up for local use:  "Fly a kite with the world."

Bill Mosley
Trinity Lutheran Church, Frelsburg, Texas
St. John Lutheran Church, New Ulm, Texas
Thu, Oct 12, 2000  11:25 pm

"Life is not tried; it is merely survived
if you're standing outside the fire."
-- Garth Brooks

Hi Jane,

Here in Quebec we had about 1000 visitors on 2 days.  60 kiters and about 250 kites was flown.  It was cold but fortunately we did not have rain.  I will put some pictures on the OSOW Canadian Internet site soon. I sent messages to the three others canadians events contacts and wait for their results.  I will put it on my web site when I will receive it. Unfortunately I received the pins today (tuesday)... it will be for next year.  Thank you very much for the t-shirt that you sent.   Is it possible for you to put all the known results that you received on your web site?

Your's truly,
Franšois Riou
Contact One Sky, One World - Canada

The day went really well, started out cold with a nice breeze and warmed up from there.  The breeze stayed steady all day.  The turnout wasn't as good as some expected, but it was a fun time for all that were there. Unfortunately I never received the OSOW pins, at least I couldn't find them. Are they buried in the box with the kite?  I didn't dig to the bottom.  We only gave away about twenty kites.  So like I said I never reached the bottom of the box.  A friend of mine, Owen, is sending you the list of folks who attended, so that should cover that. 

Thanks for your patience with my somewhat pesty nature, and thanks for getting everything here on time.  I hope you had a good turnout at your fly.

Till next year Ken


I had very few people stop to talk. Quite a few drove past and watched for a while. Those who did stop said they read the article in our paper. I started at 10 am and had as many as 6 kites going at 1 time. 2 of the FHKC members showed up and they put kites in the air as well. The Fort Morgan Times sent a photographer by at 11 am. He took a lot of photos and even flew my new Beetle stunt kite. I was hoping for a better local response. But I think a couple of people will be buying kites in the near future. The first kite in the air was the last down. It did get dropped earlier by another kite but in total was in the air for more than 7 hours.

The wind blew all day long. Steady at what I guessed to be 10 mph... gusts I'd put at 20 or so. There were a few brief moments of light wind but thankfully they were few and far between.

Officially I had 7 people stop to chat and I did have them fly my kites. 1 family had a nice mylar dragon kite they brought. The father flew the Beetle and my para-stunter. He's hooked on stunters now.

I had a good day flying and wound it all up (literally) by 6:30 pm.

The url for the local paper is :

Fort Morgan
Everyone should ARTIFACT

Today 17 persons participated in a kite fly for peace in Truro,Nova Scotia, Canada.

Ina Major

We have just finished the OSOW kite day which was held at Hansons Park in Christchurch from 1-4pm today.

There were over 40 kites flown and about 50 people attending, including lots of children, who took part in the lolly scramble with lots of enthusiasm. Even people who didn't bring a kite were able to fly some of the extra kites made available to help make this event more fun for everyone.

The wind was choppy and changeable, but mostly easterly. This enabled us to fly lots of different kites, although some for only short periods of time!

Attached is my One Sky One World kite - a 10m circoflex with a whole lot of little people holding hands all the way around the world! It flew for the first time today and will be shown again in a national magazine article later this year.

We believe this was the first kite flown for OSOW anywhere in the world today!


Julie Adam
The Kite Lady

Skylines and Bylines
The KiteShop at the Arts Centre
P O Box 2194, Christchurch, New Zealand
Ph. 025 317 716, a.h. ph/fax +64-3-337 2669

Hi Jane...

Although we didn't have an official registration form, I thought you might like to know that the Brighton Kite Flyers registered a total of 70 kites flown at our One Sky One World day on Sunday 10 October 1999. The event was held at Devil's Dyke, a site on the Sussex Downs near Brighton. Luckily the day was blessed with wind and sunshine here... hope yours was as fortunate!

The OSOW website looks really cool... I chanced across it whilst looking for an email address for you.

Say "Hi" to Larry... my Dad (Ray) introduced us a few years back at the Blackheath Kite Festival in London. It was a scorching day and we all sat on the green outside a pub and watched the kites over a couple of well earned beers... as is our wont after a spot of Rok fighting in the sun! I still wear the OSOW t-shirt that my Dad kindly bought for me (I'd been admiring his!) that day and it has remained the most treasured of my collection!


BKF Editor & Committee Member

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught... will we realise that we cannot eat money." (19th Century Cree Indian)

Hi there,

My name's Terry and I'm from Birmingham, England. For the last four years we've run a One Sky One World day locally and as I've just got on the net, I thought I'd say hello to you...

One thing I'd like to know is if there is any information on the worldwide number of kites flown on the day, so I can put it in our club magazine.

All the best and tight lines.....


p.s. We flew a total of 137 kites on the day.

We had a wonderful day for our fly this year and as you can see, we received quite a few names.

As you can also see many of them will be hard to read.

I hope this will be of value to you in some form and as the people who have signed in already feel a sense of contribution I think the purpose has been achieved!

Please let me know if we can do anything different for next years event to make this record easier for you to deal with.

Thanks for giving us all a special reason for enjoying our kite flying!

Minnesota Kite Society
Tim Hansen
Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 20, 1999

Dear Friends in the Sky:

We don't know if the ONE SKY ONE WORLD FESTIVAL are still on around the world, but we did celebrate it on October 10 in Medellin, Colombia.

It was a raining day and after many showers that made the people go away, some of us managed to put a kite in the sky.

We did this with a lot of conviction and been sure that we were not alone in the world.

After the showers, it was a great day.

Ines Elvira Uribe
Yaripa-The Eccological Kite Association
Medellin Colombia S.A.

World Kite Museum


My name is Carol Gard and we attended the 2nd annual kite fly for world peace. I am enclosing a copy of the Longview Daily News which featured my family in an article about the kite fly. I received a notice from J.H. to remind us of the event. I want to thank you for all the information you have sent us. We really enjoy our time at Long Beach. We were there on the 9th of October. There wasn't a lot of wind so we were flying our smaller kites. I think it would be wonderful to have peace world over.

Thank you,

Carol Gard

Vancouver, Washington

October 8, 1995

Dear Mrs. Ambrose

We flew our two kites at Metro Beach in South East Michigan. We started flying our kites at about 11:45 a.m. and ended around 1:15 p.m. During this time the wind was blowing at about 207 m.p.h.

The first kite we flew was our Wind Demon Sport Kite and then we flew our other kite. More sport kite flyers came to join us as the day went along.

We love to fly our kites; even on cold days!


Louis and Joann

Dear Mrs. Jane Ambrose

There have been many that have been praying for a time such as this. A gathering of people, indigenous people from all walks of life, coming together to pass the caretaking onto our children.

In bringing together the caretakers of this earth, our mother, we can heal and re-educate. We can walk with balance in oneness for our future generations and their generations to come. My prayer for this gathering is a simple one. That each may know we are a part of one another. That each may hold the visions of life within their heart by coming together for our Mother Earth and Father Sky/Sun, to create a living bridge of oneness for our children to walk across.

The seeds have been planted, the prayers given up. We invite each one to come and be apart of this celebration. May the truth of the spirit guide your heart.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Kimberly Wyman

October 30, 1995

Dear Jane,

The Prairie Peace Park had 26 people come and fly kites.

We will try to organize and do better next year.

However, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Enclosed are the 37 paper bag kites and 5 ready to fly kites we did not use which I talked to you about. Please give us credit for them and send us a bill for the amount we still owe. Thanks.


Don Tilley, Director
Prairie Peace Park
P.O. Box 95062
Lincoln, NE 68509

November 14, 1995

Dear Jane,

It was great meeting you and getting to know you.

Here are some pages from N.Y. Teacher the U.F.T. Paper. I am sure it would be a good place for you to let the teachers and administrators of N.Y.C. become aware of the wonderful organization you represent.

Hope it works let me know.


Myrna G. Weiner

P.S. See you at optimum.

October 25, 1995

Dear Jane and One Sky One World Enthusiasts

As I drove to Troy over the Congress St. Bridge, a flock of geese took flight from the Hudson River. At seven in the morning being a dense fog of clouds and surrounded by geese was magical. The rest of the day was very quiet. Forty-five people turned out on an overcast cool gray day with small, occasional wind gusts.

Three kite flyers from an informal Delmar group joined us and taught eager youngsters who to fly stunt kites. The children were delighted to have flown. "Did you see me?", they asked as they returned from the stunt kite field. The No Strings Attached Kite Shop stopped in for a short time.

Mrs. Sokero's art students helped make a permanent record book where we keep each year's signatures and the participation awards. Her kite students studied Tal Streeter's The Art of the Japanese Kite and back issues of "Kite Liners" before creating their own furious face kites to fly.


Mrs. Joy Sokero
Troy Teacher's Association Organizer
Mrs. Karen Martin
Parent Representative

October 9, 1995

Dear Jane and friends:

The One Sky One World event yesterday was the best kite fly we've had all summer here in Abilene, Texas! We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and steady breezes all afternoon; the Wind Weavers flew from 3:00 p.m. until dusk. Wind Weavers members present were Kim, Robert, and Michael St. Clair, Roy Chapman, and Judy Kingery.

An additional 18 fliers participated with approximately 30 kites in the sky at any given time throughout the afternoon. Spectators numbered around 110 all total. KRBC-TV interviewed Roy Chapman and Kim St. Clair concerning the meaning of the event; the segment aired at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. local news. The Abilene Reporter News shot several photographs of Judy Kingery with delta conyne up. Numerous families and joggers watched form the biking paths and from the bleachers/parking areas surrounding the park field at Red Bud where we camped out to fly (and the mosquitoes stayed away even during the evening hours). The kids especially had a good time. A wonderful day to celebrate and promote world peace from Abilene, Texas. To all of our friends across the glob: best wishes and thank you for your support.


Judy Kingery/Editor
Wind Weavers Kite Club
118 Barrow
Abilene, Texas USA

October 8, 1995

Dear Mrs. Ambrose,

This OSOW in Austin, October 8, 1995 was the first time Austin had hosted this event. Those that attended felt the importance of their contribution and hope for future growth and community response for this festival next year.

We had 53 participants and over 100 spectators (unconfirmed.) Thirty-six paper kites were made at our kids workshop and flown on the main field between 1-4 p.m.

The festival was a huge success for the club and for the public. We look forward to next year.


Kelly Reed
Regional Director
Texas Skyriders Kite Club
Austin, TX 78732

October 10, 1995

Hi Jane:

We did not sign up this year to fly at One Sky One World day! But found kites in our garage from past years so passed them out at SCI-FI fly at Marine View Park in Everett, WA. There were 32 people there most of whom were new.


Jean & Tom Sission
4653 S. Chicago St.
Seattle, WA 98118

November 3, 1995

Dear One Sky One World,

On Sunday, October 8, 1995 Vancouver was blessed with a beautiful, crisp, sunny fall day with a slight breath of wind.

We managed to push, pull, run and launch our kites to united with other countries and kitefliers in celebration of PEACE.

We flew in Vanier Park.

Sally Fontana
Mel Edlund
Adam Fontana
Minky Young
Luke Fontana
Alec Marshall
Eric Fralic┴
Douglas Cann
Cal Yuen
Mac MacMillan
Deborah Imlhoff

Enclosed is a contribution to One Sky One World for $25.00.


Sally Fontana

June 1, 1995

Dear friend of the wind:

This is your formal invitation for the third International Kite Festival, 'An Exotic Tour' around the country to be held from August 4th to the 21st.

We will visit many different geographical regions and you will have the opportunity to fly in the most exotic places: the Caribbean Sea, the desert, the mountains with snow all year long and some cities such as, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali.

There shall also be some free competitions like fighting kites, buggies, trains, indoor flying, two and quad lines kites and so on.

Hope to fly with you in our magic country.


Ines Elvira Uribe
President and
Jairo Montoya
Executive Director

October 15, 1995

Dear Jane,

Thank you for issue number 9 of Sky Times and the two certificates. Our One Sky One World was held at our usually kites for peace venue, namely Thorndon Park near Brentwood in Essex, and here is our report.

Given the near perfect weather conditions for kite flying (77 degrees and the wind blowing fifteen miles per hour) OSOW couldn't have ordered better. Though I had quite expected more curry smells and oxen roasting on spits; there happened to be only one family doing their own thing discreetly in the woods. So all the field was given to the kites and with the sun and the wind on our backs the kites could not have looked more colorful. The other two layers of sky were left to the microlights and the big jets going into Stansted and Heathrow.

Ray Revill and Roger Pike both had kites that could be termed as 'cheating applique' ie. sewing the colored ripstop panels onto a white background with no cutting out at the back, but with good effect. Don Smith managed a broken spar on his Batut camera kite but his Navy pattern Dove kite flew well in spite of it heavy brass fittings.

I counted about fifty heads at one time, with half of these being the 'public' (mostly control line kites) and about twenty kites up at a time.

All the best to you!


Roger Pike
Essex Kite Group.

P.S. Enclosed is a picture of EKG member Don Smith's kite. I suppose you could call it a Sputnik, but it flew well.

September 9, 1997

Dear Jane,

"Sky Times" was released from customs at Tegel Airport Berlin at 1600 hours on Friday, the 6th of October. We picked up the box with all the newspapers and some Certificates at 1700 hours just an hour before it closed. So at least we got the newspaper. Unfortunately we were not able to ship any newspapers to anybody else. First of all we did not have the time and secondly we do not have the address.

Customs sort of goofed up and durch the control opening of the package so because of this they crumpled up the certificates. We do have them , but they look like they have been through some crumpled up times. Maybe you can send some new ones and also send us the addresses.

Our OSOW Festival in Berlin was wonderful. We had pleasant temperatures and a mild wind. More than 10,000 people came on Sunday to the two day festival on the grounds of the Britzer Garden, one of the most beautiful public parks in Berlin. Not only was it 10 years of OSOW but it was also 10 years for the Britzer Garden. In 1985 these grounds were opened up for the national horticultural exhibition, which takes place every five years.

Detlev Bannier, who in ann international expert in the creation of inflatable sculptures, made a new OSOW Banner and placed it on the new globe he made. He also flew this banner from his large red delta kite. Quite nifty actually, he also attached the long rectangular banner to the pockets of the crosspar of the Delta with the means of lines s long s the kite. I will get a sketch of this construction to you, because it is a great way to put banners into a Delta.

Detlev placed the Globe with the OSOW Banner right next to the moderation podium of the festival. Then he pumped up his huge green Tyrannosaurs Rex ( 15 meters high) to the left of the globe. Klaus Berthold from the berlin Kiteflyers Association gave this extinct species a huge bib around its neck; a long banner in the colors of the French flag with black skull and bones appliqued upon it. His statement of the day was "We have got only One Sky and One World protest with us against the atomic policies of the French government and against the piracy of the French navy. He made little pins in the shape of a bomb in french colors with skull and cones on it. The proceeds of the pin sales went to Greenpeace.

Then Detlev pumped up his huge red crayfish to the right of the globe. He had made this crayfish for the international ecological conference in Berlin in the beginning of this year. The crayfish is a very sensitive crustacean and its ecological state of our planet.

The picture was overpowering: A huge bright green extinct Dinosaur with a French flag and skull and bones flag around it neck, a huge globe in bright blue with white continents and a giant OSOW flag draped around it in the middle, and a giant crayfish in bright red on the right side.

Werner Sienberg, the founding president of the Berlin Kiteflyers Association did the moderation for the festival. His comments were not only informative but very moving.

Michaela Kramp came especially in order to fly her original OSOW kite, that she won at the Berlin Rokkaku Challenge in the spring. The spectators were informed about the significance of this special kite and gave a huge round of applause as it flew into the sky.

This years OSOW festival was probably the most impressive ever in Berlin.

One Sky One World is becoming a very well known slogan!

Best to all of you. Pictures will follow as, they are developed and printed.


Michael Steltzer

October 9, 1995

Dear Jane:

We are well and wish the same for you. I am planning to celebrate this year's annual 11th Kite play function with usual earth system. One the 8th which is the second Sunday of October.

Kids of my village school and my friend's village school participated. I also invited Father Marin of Santhivanam who is a peace and christian religion mission brother, to participate.

I request a 1194 function particular if any.

Thank You!


K. Rajendran

Dear friends,

In 1995 our club took part in action "ONE SKY ONE WORLD". At least 15 participants came with home-made kites and approximately as many with ready-made kites. Students from USA and Germany, our guest flew kites with us. On that day we sang a song about a kite, the song has been written in our club. We hope to take part in the action "ONE SKY ONE WORLD" in 1996.


Alexander and Elena Efimov
Osennij Bulvar, 5 kor.1, Apt 19
121609 RUSSIA

June 12, 1995

Dear Sir,

I have come in contact with Arch Carlos Sagomarino (Club Kites of Bs. As - Argentina) who is a member of your organization and we both wish to start a kite club in the interior provinces of this country (Argentina).

Would you please send me any further information of different kite models, how to build them etc.

Please forward to the following address in the U.S.

Valeria A. Fabbrizzi
8275 SW 152nd Ave.
Bldg. 4 Apt. 214
Miami, FL. 33193

Thank you

Feo Fabbrizzi

October 11, 1995

Dear One Sky One World,

Enclosed you will find our attendance sheet from this year's kite fly. This was our second year and we had more people this year than last.

A total of 21 pilots flew kits that ranged from parafoils to stunt kites to your ready to fly One Sky One World kites. The skies over Broad Brook were filled with colors rivaled only by the fall foliage of the trees.

Our one spectator happened to be the grandfather of our youngest, 4 years old, and newest, this was his first kite flying experience, pilot. Chris had never flown kite before but with his grandfathers help he successfully sent one of your One Sky One World kites to about 250 feet. He took the kite and some fond memories home with him.

When the kite fly ended only the big kids were left but plans were already being made for next year. Including using a larger field, flyers for the local grocery store, and the possibility of doing this more often just because it's fun.

On a string and a prayer

Brian Chisholm
Sunday School Superintendent
Broad Brook Congregational Church
122 Main Street P.O. Box 466
Broad Brook, Ct. 06016

November 20, 1995

Dear Jane,

Tried to, but just couldn't top the story from last year. We did have a fly, did try to have the same participation as last year, may have been because of the other outfit in the area, doing one also. Don't want to be confused with the others and then lumped together as one fly in Minnesota.

The "SOLID KITE FLYING PUBLIC" did host a fly on 8 October '95, weather wasn't as nice and crisp as last year, sunshine, a bit more damp and colder. FOUR FLYERS attended. We did have 150 spectators. Did against many people with OSOW and reason behind it. Am looking forward to next year. From the site in close vicinity of Oakdale, Minnesota.


Donald G. Jaspers
"Minnesota Kite Doctor"
516 Granada AVE., NO.,
OAKDALE, MN. 55128-6613

February 1, 1996

Dear Jane,

I have organized and participated in my village Keelasandapalayam on 8th Oct. 1996. Second Sunday for 11th annual Kite play with my father, my wife and my son, daughter, and with my village people and with school children. I have also invited father northern of santhivanam. Peace and christian religious mission brothers and some aboard friends. (South gbrica Mrs. Maliya Notantee, Germany Mrs. Kriste Penland, munu). About 100 colorful kites were flown into the sky. Nature and wind also helped me more and my kite friends, for this success village people and school children enjoyed it very well.

Then I distributed sweets and snakes, to the school children and others. For this, I have to be thankful to Mrs. Jane Parker¬Ambrose. The event photos, new paper original cuttings are enclosed here with for your kind reference. Necessary certificates (for 1996) also numbered membership records, may kindly be sent to me, and I request that I may be included as a member of the OSOW Association, since I am organizing the function very well every year.

Please send your photo, Kite magazine at no cost.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

K. Rajendran

October 16, 1995


Thanks to the editor for the OSOW newsletter. We participated on 8 October, but as relative newcomers to an organized event felt it wasn't given enough oomph! We'll know what to do for 1996 for sure.

You'll notice that Judy Owens no longer works for "Flying High Kite Co.", so you might like to address any future mailings to us instead.

Don't hesitate to let us know if we can help make any future events.

Linda and Kevin Sanders
Flying High
SHOP 2 No. 4 Partridge St.
Glenelg, South Australia, 5045
PH (08) 295-04899

October 8, 1995

Dear Jane,

The fifth international space kites festival devoted to the launching of the first artificial each Sputnik, took place in the city of KHETSON, UKRAINE on October 1-4 1995.

The flights of the following classes of kites:space kites, 1 kite satellites, spaceships, moonbuggies, rockets, interplanetary stations, mini-kites, remote controlled space kites and Burans, were demonstrated.

The leader of the team introduced the original national space kites. 32 Kite fliers from Russia and Ukraine took part in this festival, which included OSOW October 8, 1995. The day cite OSOW 80 kite fliers - good people visitors.


Alex Zverik
P.O.Box 110 Pst office 325000 Kherson

January 20, 96

Dear Mrs. Ambrose,

The flying was futile in Fullerton, Ca this year for the third annual participation of the flying a kite; Not flying a kite group. The wind for the third year in a row was non-existent. However, as can be seen from the enclosed photo, spirits and kite flying were held high by all.

We were sure strong(including our youngest member, Guiseppe, three and a half months old). We hope to teach him the value of flying kites for peace. I can not think of a better way to teach a child about freedom, peace, and love them flying a kite with your friends.

Maybe next year we will move to the back in search of better winds, as Fullerton in October is not good. Not a breeze in sight. You know Walker Percy said that "to become aware of the possibility of the search is to be as to something. Not to be as to something is to be in despair. Breeze or no breeze we will continue the search for peace, and the hope to be freed in a childs eyes as he sees his first kite take hold of the wind. We will keep coming back. Thank you for organizing the event. We look forward to flying with you next year, till then, you may find us flying a kite or not flying a kite.

As Always


April 16, 1996

Dear Jane,

Our first attempt at organizing a One Sky One World kite fly here at school wasn't totally successful. Only six people participated. They were all friends of mine who had heard me talk about it. When I first got outside it was kind of cold and the air was pretty still. Later on the wind started up and it turned out to be a great day for kiteflying. I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera. Next year I will try to remember my camera. Thank you for encouraging me to start a kite fly. It will be a good lesson in organization and advertising.


Nicole Augden
Cornell College
Mt.Vernon, IA

October 13, 1996

One Sky One World,

After several years of observing OSOW with the Kansas City Kite Club the Topeka Kiteflyers held a OSOW event in the capital city. The site was at Cedar Crest (the grounds of the Goveners residence).

A beautiful day greeted the 30 or so flyers and several hundred spectators. All day numerous single line kites from very large to small filled the sky announcing the event to all. Stunt kites filled the air and the field was decorated by a large banner and flag display. The site at Cedar Crest is very popular with walking trails to fishing ponds and proved to be a good choice to further the concept of OSOW, with many people stopping to ask about the event.

Members of the club allowed who have never flown kites or those who have not done so for many years to enjoy that tug at the end of the line. Stunt kite lessons were given and even a few attempts to master fighter kites. The local newspaper showed up taking lots of pictures and asking questions and two sundays later ran a very nice article with color pictures, very nice indeed.

The Topeka Kiteflyers wish to thank all those who came and enjoyed the day. We hope that the true spirit of OSOW was felt by all. See you at next years event.

Jim Aune
Topeka Kiteflyers

November 19, 1996

Dear Jane and friends,

It was a glorious fall day in Troy. No down jackets, boots, or gloves were needed - just people. We had a deserted city as anyone who could drive a car left for fall foliage rides. The Times Union reporter/photographer spent three hours with us - photographing and interviewing all twenty five people who came. We all tried to keep our best flyers up in the gently breezes. My husband, Claude, was able to tether his blacks Conyne Delta for a couple hours. Our friend Wayne had his out a thousand feet most of the day. Marc Edgar came with a rainbow parfoil parachute size - that several people helped him fly for short distances. Keane's American Eskimo dog, Snowy, flew a small pocket kite from her harness - they've made nearly every OSOW event in Troy.

We have verbal promise from Albany Broadcasting to do a remote with one of their radio stations next year.


Joy Sokero

October 31, 1996

Dear One Sky One World:

Memorable one indeed. It was a perfect day for fly stunters and one liners, mild temperatures, cloudy sky but plenty of wind. This is a second time that the Club de Barriletos Cielos del Taragui celebrates this festival, and our first official report. We celebrated in October 20, in happy conjunction with Mother's Day, because October 13 was stormy. There were about 60 kites in the sky, although not all at one time; 25 kite addicts - makers - fliers, their families and a total of 500 visitors completes our great and most important celebration as yet here. The motto "One Sky One World" indeed came over and was widely communicated in the Press.

Our efforts to register everyone were not successful; we had an unusual quantity of visitors and a large area available to fly. All of that was more than us. Finally, I hope this is of use to you. With kind regards and looking forward for further communications from you.

Yours sincerely,

Edmundo Omar Trooolu Kalataki
Vice President
Club de Harriletes Cielos del Taragui - Corrientes

October 22, 1996

Dear Sirs,

We are group of fans of kites flying from this city, near Buenos Aires, Federal Capital of the Republic of Argentina.

Being informed about your annual meeting by the Club de los Barrilites de Buenos Ayres, we have had our own local meeting this year and fortunately we are given a warm welcome.

We enclosed photocopies of some local newspapers showing the meeting and the results, and we let you know that we are at your disposal for the next 12th Annual International Kite Fly for Peace. We would be grateful if you could send us all available information about your objectives and activities.

Yours faithfully,

Dante Marello
Lidoro "Ito" Sierra

October 23, 1996

Dear Jane and helpers,

Just a note to let you know that we held a OSOW meeting on October 13th on Warwick racecourse. We had extensive coverage in the local press. This coupled with a glorious sunny day with plenty of wind attracted a bumper crowd. By our calculations there were 139 kitefliers who flew a total of 250 kites. There were probably 50 spectators watching during the day. Considering this was the first time we had held the event we were very please with the results and hope to run it annually. I have been told there were probably about another 40 fliers on two other local flying sites. Anyway keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Will Hilditch

March 20, 1997

Dear Sirs,

In October of last year (1996) I was invited to take part in the OSOW event that was held at Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.

On that occasion, the event was organized by a gentleman by the name of Mr. Tony Slater, of Shrewsbury and no doubt you will have received the details of that event from Tony.

I so much enjoyed the day and appreciated the idea behind the event, that this year I would like to organize a similar event, here in the Manchester area. It is my intentions to try to enlist the aid of the Manchester City Council and get their permission to hold the event in one of the civic parks.

Will you please send to me the relevant information and any suggestions and advice that you might have on the organization of such an event in order that I can make the initial approach to the officer concerned.

If there is a charge for this advice and assistance, then please send me your invoice.

I look forward to the favor of your early reply.

Yours Sincerely,

J. Cunningham
Development Secretary
Northern Kite Group

October 14, 1995

Dear Ms. Jane Parker-Ambrose:

The Minnesota Kite Society's One Sky One World event took place Sunday, October 8, 1995. Our event was held at the Isanti County Fair Grounds in Cambridge, Minnesota. Cambridge is an hours drive north of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities area.

Flying conditions started out with a light wind. About mid afternoon a cool front and clouds moved through which made the light winds even lighter and the cool temperatures a little cooler. A generous member brought his grill and burgers and we enjoyed an impromptu picnic. Everything was packed away just as the rain came. It was a great event.

Craig Christensen has asked me to send you a list of attendees. We had 41 participants. Three guests are exchange students, which made our event a little more special.


Pam Hodges

Kite flyer in training! Glastonbury, Connecticut.


Vancouver, BC didn't have much wind, but still celebrated peace with the rest of the world.


20,000 people participated in OSOW in Colombia

Beautiful weather and Don Smith's Sputnik kite greeted participants in Essex, England.


Rain didn't keep these participants form the USA, Germany and Russia from festivities in Moscow.


Foligno is one of 50 cities in Italy that participate in OSOW.

Handmade Carp Kite

Spain 2000

Spain 2000

This picture of Amy Winterson from Wirral, UK was printed in the Wirral News.


Kite flyer in training! Glastonbury, Connecticut.


Vancouver, BC didn't have much wind, but still celebrated peace with the rest of the world.


Over 100 people participated in the 1st OSOW celebration in Gualeguay, Argentina.


Beautiful weather and Don Smith's Sputnik kite greeted participants in Essex, England.


Believed to be the first kite flown
on October 8, 2000
New Zealand

Foligno is one of 50 cities in Italy that participate in OSOW.


Kite flyers from Russia and the Ukraine.


Approx. 100 colorful kites were flown in Tamil Nadu, India.


This picture of Amy Winterson from Wirral, UK was printed in the Wirral News.


Kite flyer in training! Glastonbury, Connecticut.


Vancouver, BC didn't have much wind, but still celebrated peace with the rest of the world.


Over 100 people participated in the 1st OSOW celebration in Gualeguay, Argentina.


Beautiful weather and Don Smith's Sputnik kite greeted participants in Essex, England.


Rain didn't keep these participants form the USA, Germany and Russia from festivities in Moscow.


Foligno is one of 50 cities in Italy that participate in OSOW.


Kite flyers from Russia and the Ukraine.


Approx. 100 colorful kites were flown in Tamil Nadu, India.


This picture of Amy Winterson from Wirral, UK was printed in the Wirral News.


Kite flyer in training! Glastonbury, Connecticut.


Vancouver, BC didn't have much wind, but still celebrated peace with the rest of the world.


Over 100 people participated in the 1st OSOW celebration in Gualeguay, Argentina.


Beautiful weather and Don Smith's Sputnik kite greeted participants in Essex, England.


Rain didn't keep these participants form the USA, Germany and Russia from festivities in Moscow.


Foligno is one of 50 cities in Italy that participate in OSOW.


Kite flyers from Russia and the Ukraine.


Approx. 100 colorful kites were flown in Tamil Nadu, India.


This picture of Amy Winterson from Wirral, UK was printed in the Wirral News.

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